Welcome To The Fight Against Kyleigh's Law

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You have reached the official home of the fight to repeal Kyleigh's Law, a recent piece of legislation passed unanimously by New Jersey's state legislature.

If you don't know what Kyleigh's Law is, or if you want to refresh your memory as to its specific requirements, we encourage you visit our About The Law page.

On this site you will find information about the law and what it requires, as well as the reasons why an ever growing number of New Jersey residents have come to consider it counterproductive and even immoral. You will find information on upcoming events pertaining to the fight as well as links to relevent third-party resources on the web.

In addition, this site will function as the central hub for online discussion and debate concerning Kyleigh's Law. Our online forums will be up and running within just a few more days, at which time you are encouraged to come back and register a free user account. This will not only allow you to participate in the conversation, it will also ensure we can reach you with important developments regarding Kyleigh's Law.